Get Free Solar Energy From The Sun & Financial Reward Today

We are one of Canada’s most recommended and trusted solar company for all residential and commercial solar projects. Our professional service will provide you with a free evaluation and proposal of the solar potential of your home or commercial property. Rest assured, we do not contract out our work to other sub-contractors. Our company reputation is of paramount importance to us.

Yes, it’s that simple, we can help you take advantage of the free unlimited solar energy from the sun, which would make you part of the green energy movement and guarantee you financial rewards.

Thanks to the Green Energy Act! The government will sign a 20-year contract with you to buy the electricity that is generated from your solar power system with a fixed rate! No risk! Guaranteed income for 20 years!

100% Financing is available. All you need to do is to sign up for the Yalu Solar program and start receiving monthly cheques from your hydro company! So start to realize the benefits and take advantage of it now!

Your home will now sell for a premium over houses without solar cells, according to studies conducted in the market.

If you have a vacant roof, it can generate cash for you. We design and install solar panel system on your property and we can make solar power work for you.

Reduce your carbon footprint and power with solar! Together, we can create a better future for our children! What’s more, you are actively helping to create thousands of jobs and supporting your community.

“I recommend this company to many others who want to install solar panels on their roof. Quick and professional installers. Everything works great and I’m very satisfied.”

Raj SCaledon, ON