Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

The objective of Combined Heat Power (CHP) is to generate electric
power at locations where also a heat demand is present for either
domestic or industrial heating. This way, CHP saves energy as the
waste of heat losses by large electric power stations is avoided.


An efficient high-speed permanent magnet generator converts
the mechanical power from the micro turbine into electric power.
The generator is fully integrated in the micro turbine rotor system,
avoiding costs and losses of additional bearings and couplings.



The recuperator is an advanced heat exchanger recovering exhaust
heat into the gas turbine working cycle, saving almost 50% of fuel
compared to a system without a recuperator and providing a substantial
increase in efficiency.

Monitoring and control

The EnerTwin micro-CHP system has an on-line control and monitoring
capability for remote operation and smart grid applications.
This offers excellent installation and operation flexibility in cascade
and other configurations.


Heat exchanger

The efficient heat exchanger transfers heat from the micro turbine
exhaust to the micro-CHP heating system circuits.

Operation profile

The EnerTwin has a rapid (< 2mins) start-up capability. Moreover,
power can be modulated down to about 50% without significant
loss of efficiency.

Micro gas turbines

The EnerTwin CHP system generates electric power using a 3kW
micro turbine. Gas turbines are known for their high power to weight
ratio and low maintenance costs. Using off-the-shelf turbocharger
technology leads to low production costs. The turbomachinery
components are optimized for the turbogenerator application.
Driving a high-speed generator at 240,000 rpm, the turbogenerator
has a net electric efficiency of 15% (19% shaft power efficiency).
Together with the low costs, this offers great potential for
cost effective micro-CHP systems. The generator is coupled to the
micro turbine by a unique in-house developed compact rotor concept.
Due to the recuperator, part load efficiency can be kept close
to the design point maximum.


Micro turbines emit only high frequency noise that can effectively
be mitigated. Compared to alternative concepts, the EnerTwin has
very low noise emissions.

Benefits for the environment

The EnerTwin micro-CHP system offers a substantial contribution
to CO2 emission reduction. With MTT’s clean low-NOx combustor,
other exhaust gas emissions levels are minimal.