What is Free Solar program?

Get a Solar System for FREE ($0 cost) and earn up to 38% return on your investment over 20 years. Purchasing a solar system for MicroFIT or FIT program may not fit your financial budget. Our Free Solar program offers you the opportunity to have a solar system installed on your properties without paying a single dollar, while receiving a guaranteed upfront payment .The income generated from the MicroFIT program could be shared by the homeowner and financial partner.

Free Solar is 100% company financed. Yalu Energy pays you to own a customized solar system at no cost to you, including a guaranteed upfront cash incentive of up to $3,000.

Top 5 reasons to choose FREE Solar:

  • A one-time instant payment $3,000.
  • 100% ownership of the system at the end of contact (a guaranteed 80% + efficiency at $24,000).
  • Expected savings of hydro costs from Year 21 to 40 may reach $70,000.
  • All Installation/Repair/Maintenance and insurance costs are assumed by Yalu Energy.
  • Free one-time removal of solar panels to change the roof shingles.