What is Net Metering program?

Electricity prices are on the rise at an average of 6.5% annual, let us show you how to save and offset your hydro bill today.

The Ontario Net-Metering program is a great way of using a renewable “green” energy technology to generate your own electricity and send to the grid just like the Ontario’s MicroFIT program, except that you will received a credit towards your hydro bill for this energy instead of a monthly payment based on the MicroFIT rates. If you’re not interested in a MicroFIT solar system (or want nothing to do with the IESO), then Net-Metering might be the ideal solution for you. There are far fewer rules and regulations as well!

The Canadian government has approved hydro companies (LDC) to allow for their customers to offset their own electricity use by generating renewable energy and reduce their hydro bills, and this is called Net-Metering. This allows for home and commercial property owners to be able to reduce their hydro bills significantly. The savings will only grow as the hydro rates increases over time.
Net-Metering systems can be up to 500 kW in size, though for most residential customers a typical system size would be 10 kW or less. The trick with Net-Metering is to size the system in such a way that annual energy production is equal or less to your electrical energy use: You can zero out your electrical bill by producing your own electricity, but you do not get a penny for any additional energy production beyond your own use.

To make life a little easier you can ‘store’ any excess energy in the electrical grid, for later use. The way it works is that excess energy can be carried forward against future use for up to 1 year. For solar PV this is great! Any excess production in summer can be used up in winter, when there is less sun. As long as you use up all your excess energy credits within a year is good!
Each kW of solar PV generates approximately 1,175 kWh of electricity annually in Ontario, when installed on a south facing non shaded roof at 30 – 45 degree pitch. Any rooftop between east and west can be a suitable rooftop as well. The Net-Metering system size can be adjusted as needed although LDC prefer less than 10kW for residential properties. For Net-Metering it does not have to be a rooftop: We can mount solar panels on the ground, though the installation cost for that is somewhat higher.

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