What is Off Grid Solar Solution?

Want peace of mind, freedom? Then go off grid and you will not have to worry about a single hydro bill again. Different than a MicroFIT and Net Metering program, an Off Grid Solar system is connected to a bank of batteries where the energy can be stored and used on demand.

When the electric power is unavailable or too expensive, Off Grid Solar systems make perfect alternative. Having installed an Off Grid Solar power system, you can rest assured with highly efficient energy source. There are various types of Off Grid Solar systems, depending on your needs and budget.

At Yalu Energy we make Off Grid Solar system installation easy. We provide a wide variety of Off Grid Solar systems. In addition, we can also provide you with a custom Off Grid Solar system.
Main reason for Off Grid Solar Solution:

  • Environmentally friendly, use less energy and make as much as possible from renewable sources
  • Independence from the electrical utility for less cost and to eliminate vulnerability from utility outages
  • Political/social values, such as taking responsibility for your energy impacts
  • Cost—depending on how far you are from the grid, it may make more economic sense to stay away from grid